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The current James Bainter family lives in Arizona, U.S.A. There are three daughters: Jane, Jessica, and Susan. Of the three, Susan is married with one infant son, Adnan Baghdadi.

Detailed research was done on this family tree by a the neice of James Bainter. She lives in Ohio, U.S.A. The family tree in America begins in Ohio, where Godfrey Bainter settled after arriving from Germany. The family tree (abbreviated form) is as follows:

  1. Theodore Frederick: Dresden Germany
  2. Godfrey - (Margaret): 1745-1805; Madison Twnshp, Ohio
  3. Adam - (Elizabeth Shroyer): 1773-1855; Monroe Twnshp, Ohio
  4. John B. (Margaret Gaumer): 1809-1890; Monroe Twnshp, Ohio
  5. Charles Newton (Anna Eliza Abbott): 1850-1911; Otsego, Ohio
  6. Ernest Clayton (Anna Mabel Goodlive): 1880-1953; Zanesville, Ohio
  7. Robert Goodlive (Margaret): 1914-1941; Zanesville, Ohio
  8. James Robert (Jane): 1936-present

Remember... if your name is Bainter, you are probably related to us!